TackTracker FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Installation and Licenses

Will upgrading erase my license or data?

You can upgrade the latest version of TackTracker by downloading and installing from the download page. The new version will replace the old install, but your existing license and data will not be affected. This is because your License and data are stored in a completely different location to the installed program.

Where are my TackTracker tracks stored?

TackTracker data is stored under a single folder:

"My Tracks" in your Documents folder
"TackTracker Tracks" in your home folder

Races are stored chronologically in folders by year and month.

Where are the tracks in the TrackLoader stored?

In the "loadedTracks" folder under My Tracks (Windows) or TackTracker Tracks (Mac).

How can I email a race to a friend?

The best way to share your races is to publish to your home page on the TackTracker Cloud. But you can also save your race to a TTZ file and email it if you wish. Save to TTZ by right-clicking on the race entry in the Library and selecting "Export to TTZ file". This will archive your race and all its tracks to a single file that may be loaded into any TackTracker Player for the PC or Mac. A Logged Tracking or Club Regatta license is needed to create a TTZ file, but no license is needed to load a TTZ file.

Can I install my license on multiple PC's?

TackTracker licenses may be installed on up to two PC's. Clubs must purchase licenses for each PC.

TackTracker licenses are personalised with your name and email. Generally this means one license per PC, but often people have an additional PC, so it is acceptable to install your license on two PC's

If you wish to transfer your license to someone else, please contact TackTracker Support for assistance.

Live Tracking

Do I need to buy a license for live tracking?

No! You can create, edit and publish races to your TackTracker Cloud home page all with the free download for PC or Mac.

You do need to buy a Tracker Right for each live tracker, but that is all! See your Account page (under Setup) after signing into the TackTracker Cloud.

Can I see other people's trackers in the Trackers tab?

Only your live trackers will be listed in the Trackers tab ("My Trackers" on the iPhone and iPad). Specifically, you will see the enabled trackers that you have added to your TackTracker Cloud account.

However, when watching one of your trackers on the map, you will see any other TackTracker Live trackers that are in the vicinity and that you have rights to view. This will include:

  • Any of your live trackers
  • Any live tracker that is recording publically. (Friends Only is not checked in the Tracker List).
  • Any live tracker that is recording Friends Only where you are a nominated Friend of the owner of the tracker.

I've recorded my live track. How do I get it?

You can retrieve any track you have recorded live into the TackTracker player for PC or Mac via the Track Loader. (You will need a Logged Tracking license.) Use the Track Loader's Get button to bring up a track search wizard. Specify the date, time period and location for the tracks you wish to download from the cloud.

You can also use the Get feature to retrieve other people's tracks that you have access to.

I recorded a race session as a single live race - how do I now split into individual races?

With back-back racing you sometimes won't know in advance the start times and course for each race or even how many races will be run. In this situation, you may decide to record a single live race for the entire race session.

Afterwards, you may want to split the single race into individual races for analysis. To do this, you need to get the tracks into your TrackLoader so you can create the races and assign the tracks to them. The easiest way to do this is:

  • Load the race into TackTracker.
  • Open the Race Editor and select the Tracks tab
  • Check the "Track Tools" checkbox to show the Track Tools
  • Click the "Copy All" button adjacent to "Copy Track to Track Loader"
  • Open the Track Loader

You will now see all the tracks for the race in your Track Loader

My live race was ended early. How to I fix that?

When a race is created, you specify the duration of the race, eg 1 hour. Sometimes we get this wrong and a race is prematurely truncated. (Or conversely the duration may be far too long.)

Fixing the problem is easy using the online race management tools in the TackTracker Cloud.

  • Go to the Setup -> Races page and find your race tile.
  • Click "Race Editor..." on the race tile to show the Start tab. Here you can adjust the race start and end times.
  • If the end time is increased, you will now find the tracks stop prematurely. To fix this problem, click "Trackers" and "Get Tracks..."

The Get Tracks tool will replace your tracks with tracks that match the race schedule and the new race times. The problem is solved!

TackTracker Player

What is the difference between the TackTracker Players

The Players for PC and Mac are the most feature rich players. They have an almost identical feature set and usage is extremely similar. The few differences are the Mac player lacks some Club Regatta licensed features present on the PC player: the Auto-replay play list and Competitor Schedule.

The in-browser Web player (see tacktracker.com/cloud) shares the same library code as the PC player, but has a simpler user interface designed for casual use.

The iPhone and iPad App shares the same library code as the Mac Player, but has a different interface designed for IOS.

How to overlay back-back Races?

You can overlay the tracks from multiple races so that the start time for each is synchronized to one point in time. You may want to do this if you have sailed two or more back-back races and wish to compare your performances in each race.

To overlay races, load your first race from the Track Library. Then right click on the second race in the Track Library and select "Overlay onto current race".

What does the Sync button do?

Sometimes you may do poorly in the first part of a race, but feel that you have improved in the second half. The Sync feature lets you synchronise all boats at the beginning of the current leg to simulate then all rounding the mark at exactly the same time. This lets you eliminate previous performance in the race from your analysis of the leg.

To use the Sync feature, move the timeline to the desired leg of the race. Click "Sync". Sync button The position of all boats will change to simulate them rounding the mark at the same time. An orange boarder will be displayed around the map to remind you that you are viewing a simulation.

Can I have TackTracker choose the same color for each boat in every race?

TackTracker does pick a random color for each boat, but as you say, sometimes this does not achieve the best result. If you have a Club Regatta license (on a PC), it is possible to have TackTracker choose the same color for each boat.

This is what you do:

  • For the first race, select the desired color for each boat using the Tracks tab in the Race Editor. Save.
  • Right click on your race in the library and click "Update Competitor Schedule from Race"

This will enter the competitor data into a Competitor Schedule file. You can see the file as the first entry (at the top) of your library. Now when you load the tracks for subsequent races, it will use the Competitor Schedule data to select the correct color (and other details too).

Race Editor

How do I learn to use the Race Editor?

The best way to get started with the Race Editor is to watch the Race Editor training videos. There is also detailed information in the user guide. We'll be adding more information to this FAQ over time as well. If your question is still not answered, please send an email to TackTracker Support support@tacktracker.com.

How to use Trackers on Marks?

One of TackTracker's powerful features is the ability to track the location of race marks with trackers. You can do this with both live and logged trackers - but of course you will need to use live trackers for a live race.

To track a mark:

  • Add the mark to your race course definition in the Race Editor. Lay it's approximate position on the map.
  • Assign a name to the tracker exactly matching the name of the mark. So, for example, if your mark's name is 'A', then your tracker should be named 'A' also. (This is the track name, not the tracker's nickname.)

TackTracker uses pre-assigned names for the start and finish line marks. They are:

Start Line:StartBoatStartPin
Finish Line:FinishBoatFinishPin

TackTracker Cloud

Is it true I can publish races to the TackTracker Cloud at no cost?

Yes, it is true! Publishing races is free. In the past, we did require "Publish Credits" to be purchased, but this is no longer the case.