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Brewin Dolphin Commodores' Cup
2014 Jul 19
The Brewin Dolphin Commodores' Cup 2014, organised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club is one of the most prestigious events on the international yachting calendar. Culminating in a tough mix of inshore and offshore racing across a tense seven-day racing programme on the testing waters of the Solent, national teams with three boats each, will compete for the Commodores' Cup. Event Website:

Solent Inshore R8
2014-07-26: Last Solent Inshore Race, which was shortened at 4F. Double points

Round the Isle of Wight Race

Inshore R6
2014-07-24: Solent Inshore Race 6

Inshore R5
2014-07-24: Solent Inshore Race 5

Inshore R4
2014-07-24: Solent Inshore Race 4 - resailed from Wed 23rd Jul

Offshore Race
2014-07-21: Please bear in mind that loading this race may, depending on your internet connection, take a long while to load.

Inshore R2
2014-07-20: Solent Inshore Race 2 - provisional

Inshore R1
2014-07-20: Solent Inshore Race 1 - provisional

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