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Summer Passage Race 9
Summer Series Race 8
: Stop the Clock did not turn on Tracker Good Enough & Florance DNS with motor issues
Summer Series Passage Race 4
: Tanina DNF - rudder box broken Ceilidh DNF Rounding Maker Tracker not working
Summer Series Race2
: Salt Shaker DNF
Summer Series Women on Water Race1
: World Women on Water Day
Winter Series Race 14
Winter Series Race 13
: Boat DNS Hot Stuff , Panache , Stop the Clock, Tanina
Race 9 Winter series
Winter Series Race 8
: Hot Stuff & Salt Shaker DNF
Winter Series Race7
: Stop the Clock did not take Tracker ??
Winter Series Race 5
Sun 15 Winter Series Race 4
Winter Series Race3
Winter Series Race 2
Winter Series Race1
: Hot Stuff tracker did not record Tuscany had a waredrobe melfunction - DNS 6 others DNS Sail of the Century - Good Enough - Captain Moonlite - Run Aground - Panache
Summer Series Race 13
: Nessi DNC, Ceilidh & Sail of the Century did not take Trackers
Summer series race 12
Summer Series Race 10
Summer Series Race 9
: Stop the Clock DNF
Summer Series Race 8
Summer Series Race 7
Summer Series Race 6
: Good Enough DNF Hot Stuff didnt take Tracker
Summer Series Race 5
: Nessie & Ultima Thule DNF Quiksilver11 Did not take Tracker or did not turn it On
Summer Series Race 4
: Good Enough & Ceildh did not take trackers Tuscany & Stop the Clock on Sail Day duty
Summer Series Race 3
Winter Series Race 6
Winter Series Race 4
: late inclusions Sarah and Nessi
B-Lady Dorothy's trip to Gippland Lakes
: Day 3 & 4
A-Lady Dorothy's trip to Gippland Lakes
: Patrick, Peter, Mario, Carston
summer series race 12
: Panache DNF
Summer Series Race 11
: Panache and Hot Stuff both DNF
Summer Series Race 7
: Sale of The Century did not swich Tracker ON
Summer series Race 5
Summer Series Race 4
: M1 marker was not there so we started again at 11:55 from M4 to M3 and back to M4
Latitude Fun Race
Summer Series Race 3
: Moondancer did not have tracker
Race 3 Summer Series
: Sail Of The Century and Ultima Thule did not take Trackers
Race 2 Sumer Series
Race1 summer 2019
Winter Series Race 10
Winter Series Race 9
Winter Series Race 8
: Duty Boat "Stop the Clock and Ultima Thule doing skipper Training get average points
Winter Series Race6
: Mojo DNF, Welcome back Renegade11
Winter Series Race 4
: Offshore Account did not take tracker
Winter series Race 3
: Panache DNF Broken Boom, Saffie AVG points Duty boat
Winter Series Race 2
: Panacea did not turn on tracker Off Shore Account did not take tracker
Winter Series Race 1
Summer Seeries Race 10
: Duty boat Ultima Thule gets average points though didn't race
Summer Series Race 9
Longbeach Heat3
Longbeach Heat2
: Hot Stuff & Sail of the Century DNF
Summer Series 7
: Rook Traker did not record
Sun 20 Summer series race 6
Sun 20 Summer series Race 6
: Gremlin used start bouy tracker
Summer series race 5
Race 4 Summer series
: Sail of the Centry is as Kammander
Summer Series Race 2
: More Current than wind
Race summer series race 1 2018/19
Heat 8 Winter Series
: Gremlin did not have tracker and DNF
Heat 7 Winter Series
Heat 6 Winter Series
Winter Series Heat 4
: Hot Stuff & Sarah &b Sunday Antics did not have tracker on, OOPs
Winter Series Heat 2 2018
: Mojo Hosting Lunch
Heat 1 Winter series
: Lost Starter Tracker
Heat 1 Winter Series
: Full Race Time
Longbeach Race 2
: Quiksilver did not tack tracker
Fun Race
: Saffire did not take tracker. Lady Dorothy DNF
Heat 7 Summer Series
: Tanina and Renegade II did not have trackers
Heat 6 Summer Series
: Start Bouy not our for race, opps
Heat 5 Summer Series to Wooliys Reef
: Sarha DNF
ORCV Out the Heads Latitude Race
: ORCV Out the Heads Latitude Race 20 Nautical miles Out
Latitude Fun Run
: Spinnikers Allowed but only One deared to try
Heat 3 Summer Series
: Welcom to Tanania into the Summer SERIES
ORCV Around the Bay Overnight Race
: Silverado doing the ORCV Around the Bay OverNight Race
Heat 2 Summer Series
: The Coronel was on the water but did not race
Heat 1 Summer Series
: 8 starters, 7 finishers Renegade did not do Hook turn finish
Heat 7 Winter Series
: Boats did not take trackers Hot Stuff - Ultima Thule DNF Safire - The Coronel
Heat 6 Winter Series
Heat 5 Winter Series
: Sarah did not turn ON tracker Off Shore Account did not take tracker
Heat 4 Winter Series
: Duty Boat Sarah DNF to start BBQ - Kudos Name -Shame Bring it On & Sunday Antics did not start Trackers
Heat 3 Winter Series
ISLE OF MORDIALLOC nav rayy 2017
: what a great day was had by all, 17 n boats entered and we had friendly weather. the after race luncheon was a great success . thats the end of the nav rally season for us at Mordy so see you all next year
Heat 2 Winter Series
: Sarah & Forever Young DNF QuikSilver2 is a test tracker for Quiksilver, test OK
Heat 13 Summer Series
: Final Summer Series 2017 Quiksilver Track not Loading
Heat 12 Summer Series
Heat 11 Summer Series
Heat 10 Summer Series
: Quiksilver did not take TackTracker
Ross White Cup
: A great day was had by all and a final tie on scores but John wilson was announced the winner on a countback. ..cant get a much closer result than that
LongBeach Passage Heat2
: Tuscany DNF due to brocken rudder box just before M4 on the home run
: Blue Shadow did not take Tracker
Heat 6 Summer Series
: Tusscany did not use Tracker, so it does not show in this race
Heat 5 Summer Series
: Forever Young spotted 3 Dolphins along its route, nice!
Heat 4 Summer Series
: 3 DNF, Sea Eagle - Sunday Antics - Forever Young
Heat 3 Summer Series LongBeach Heat 1
: Heat 1 of 3 for Carrum V MMYC Longbeach Chalange
Heat 2 Sumer Series
: "Bring It On" did not have a tracker on board
Heat1 Summer Series
Heat 12 Winter Series
: Blue Shadow did not take Tracker
Heat 11 Winter Series
Heat 10 Winter Series
Heat 9 Winter Series
: DNF - Gremlin DID NOT TAKE TRACKERS - Quiksilver-Off Shore Account
Heat 8 Winter Series
: Ceiledh and Blue Shadow no trackers
Heat 7 Winter Series
: Ceilidh DNF (brocken tiller) too much presure from the new rudder: No Trackers for Blue Shadow - Bring It On - Panacea - Saffire - Off Shore Account
Heat 6 Winter Series
: Nice MOB recovery from Renagade Panacea DNS, on explenation yet
Heat 5 Winter Series
: Quiksilver tracker not turned on Sunday Antics DNF
Heat 4 Winter Series
Heat 3 Winter Series
MMYC Isle of Mordi 2016
Tusscany at the Lake
: Derek & Mike on their week away at the lakes
Heat 13 Summer Series
MPONR 2016
Heat 10 Summer Series
Longbeach Heat3
Longbeach Heat2
Heat 8 SummeR SerieS
Practice Longbeach Fun Run
Heat 7 Summer Series
Heat 5 Summer Series
Heat 4 LongBeach Challenge Carrum
Heat 3 Summer Series
Heat 2 Summer Series
Heat 1 Summer Series
Heat 9 Winter Series
Heat 8 Winter Series
Heat 7 Winter Series
Heat 4 Winter Series
Heat 3 Winter Series
Heat 2 Winter Series
Heat 1 Winter Series
whaley cup 2015 (B)
: Final results for todays Whalley Cup...thanks everyone who came along and made it a great day.
Race 11 Patterson Passage
Longbeach Chalange Carrum Heat 1
: Longbeach Chalange Carrum Heat 1 Re-Run from Nov 2014
Race Alien
: Opps
: Complete Fleet of 9 competitors from MMYC and CYC for the 2015 MPONR
Heat 8 Summer Series
Heat 7 Sumer Series
isale of mordi 2015
: results of nav rally
Heat 2 LongBeach
Heat 5 Summer Series
Sun14 Heat 4 Summer Series
Bucket Passage Race Series HEAT 1
Heat 2 Twilight
Heat 2 Summer Series
Heat 1 Summer Series
Heat 9 Winter Series
Heat 7 Winter Series
Heat 6 Winter Series
Heat 5 Winter Series
Heat 3 Winter Series
Heat 2 Winter Series
2013 Heat 14 Summer Series
2014 LongBeach Heat 3
: Heat 3 of the MMYC v Carrum sailing club 19th annual Longbeach challenge.
Isle of Mordialloc 2014
: 15 boats from various clubs braved the choppy conditions on the bay last sunday and ended back at the clubrooms fr a great lunch turned on by the MMYC club members. This was our first tack tracker rally event and it all went very well and great to be able to publish the reuslts so quickly afterwards
2014 Heat 11 Summer Series
: 2014 Sunday March 2
2014 Feb Sat 8th LongBeach Heat 2