Using the TackTracker Cloud

The TackTracker Cloud is a portal for GPS recorded yacht races and other events. You can watch races live, as they happen, or review past races. You'll want to visit for many reasons:

Watch online races published by you or others

There are two ways races get published to the cloud:

  1. Publish to a Regatta: visit
  2. Publish to a Home Page: visit

Typically Regattas are published by clubs and associations - whilst home pages are published by individuals or anyone who wishes to publish a race to their account. Races are published using the TackTracker applications you can freely download from the download page.

To watch a race, click the button in the race list. Races are played in the TackTracker Web player in the main part of the window.

The web player works on all major platforms, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. iPhone and iPad users also have a great alternative: download the free TackTracker Player for iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store.

Latest Races

TackTracker lets you navigate the home pages in two ways:

  1. Visit the latest races page at This is the default page in the Home Pages tab and shows the most recently published races in chronological order.
  2. Visit a friends home page. Home pages each have the url: You can get there by typing the username of the user you wish to visit in the Find user: search box.

A home page presents races published by the owner of the page. The owner has the option of publishing races publically for anyone to view, or privately to his or her list of friends. If you are a friend, you must login to your account to see the private races.

Your first step is to create yourself an account on the cloud. Do this at

Manage your home page

To manage your home page, you first need to Login to your TackTracker Cloud account. Once logged in, you can visit your home page and edit or delete your races and manage your list of friends.

When you edit a race, you can change:

  • The race name and description. Use the description to provide some comments about the race to the viewer.
  • The Locked status. A Locked race cannot have new tracks added to it. If unlocked, the race is available for people to upload matching tracks to the race.
  • The Friends Only status. If Friends Only is checked, only people you have listed as friends can view the race.

Watch your Live Trackers

If you have live trackers and are signed in, you will see an additional Trackers tab:

On this page your live trackers will be listed along with the current status of each tracker. If any of your trackers is currently active, you can click on it to see the trackers current location on the map. If any other TackTracker trackers are in the vicinity that you have access to, you will see their location and tracks too.

Manage who can watch your races

We've seen above how you can specify that a race is visible only to your nominated list of friends. To manage your list of friends, click the button in the home page header. This will expose your list of friends. You can delete entries from this list, or add a friend by typing the friends TackTracker username in the "Find user" search box above. The add friends button will add the specified user to your list.


Click Setup at the top right of the page to go to TackTracker Setup. Here you can create races and manage your live tracking devices. You will see two tabs:

Create and update races and schedule your live trackers for racing.
Manage your live tracking devices.

More information on setup and management of your live races is available here.

Account Profile

To manage your profile, sign in and click on your name or picture at the top right of the page. You will see two tabs:

Customise your TackTracker profile, including your thumbnail picture and a public description or comment.
Manage your Tracker Right balances here - needed for live tracking.