Privacy Policy

TackTracker respects your right to privacy.

  • We do not as a practice, divulge our customer's personal information to any third party. If an occassion arises where this is necessary we will always ask you for your permission first.
  • We send email newsletters on an occassional (typically quarterly) frequency. If you do not wish to receive these newsletters any more, let us know and we will remove you from the mailing list.

Live Tracking and Privacy

TackTracker offers live tracking services where current tracker location data is published to the internet (TackTracker Cloud). If you wish to use this service, you need to know that TackTracker is publishing the location of your device in real time and it is possible that anyone can see where you are.

Note that in the Live Tracker setup page, you can specify whether your tracker will publish tracks publically or as "Friends Only" - where access is restricted to other users you have specified are "Friends".

Whilst tracks published "Friends Only" are accessible only to your nominated friends - this does not prevent these people re-publishing your track publically. Also, if you have scheduled your track to be published to a live race, the visibility of your track will be determined by the visibility of the race.

TackTracker provides these features in good faith, but we cannot guarantee the privacy of any data published to the TackTracker Cloud. Do not publish any data of a sensitive or private nature. Do not use TackTracker for surveillance or any dubious purpose.

If you have any concerns or questions on privacy matters, please contact us at