logo Download TackTracker Player

The TackTracker Player is available as a free download for your PC. The free player may be all you need, with the ability to:

  • Play and analyse races published on the TackTracker Cloud
  • Create, edit and publish your own races to the TackTracker Cloud
  • Load and view your own track files

Licenses are also available to unlock advanced featues for Logged Tracking, Race Reports, Club and Regatta Tools and Power Boat Navigation Rallies.

TackTracker for Windows

Download TackTracker for WIN
Version 9.4.1
Released 2024-07-14

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or 11


  • Close any running instances of TackTracker
  • Run the downloaded TackTrackerInstall.msi installation file.
  • Answer Yes or OK to all prompts.

Driver for QStarz Serial USB Loggers

If you wish to connect a QStarz MTK chip based GPS, such as the BT-Q1000XT or CR-Q1100P, you will also need to download and install the USB serial driver. (This driver is not needed for the QStarz BL-1000ST.)

Download Windows USB Serial Driver

The driver is provided in a .zip archive which you will need to unpack into a temporary folder. Then run InstallDriver.exe

The driver may also be obtained by installing the software supplied on the mini-CD with your GPS, or from the QStarz download page.