A Complete Tracking Solution for Everyone!

Our goal is to make tracking easy and accessible for everyone. So whether you're an individual sailor who wants to improve your sailing, a coach who wants a better training tool or a club running a regatta, TackTracker is a great fit.

Mobile Phone Tracking

TackTracker brings yacht racing to your web browser, and anyone can track their racing by downloading the app to their phone or tablet.

mobile apps for android, iphone and ipad

TackTracker Cloud

The TackTracker Cloud has a huge library of current and past races, which you can view online in your web browser. The powerful Web Player is built in and there is no software or plugin to install.

Watching races on the TackTracker Cloud is free.

The Web Player is augmented by fantastic race analysis tools including a dynamic VMG Meter, leg by leg analysis and the full suite of race reports. So not only can you view the racing live and in replay but can gain valuable insights as well.

Anyone can create a free account on the TackTracker Cloud and add their own races too. The online race management console has all the tools you need to create races and manage live tracking.

PC and Mac Applications

As well as the web player on tacktracker.com/cloud, we also have standalone players for PC and Mac computers, which you can download and install from our download page. With these players, you can also view and analyse any race on the TackTracker Cloud.

Licenses are available to unlock additional features, including:

  • Logged Tracking License for use with GPS logger devices and which lets you build your own race library on your computer.
  • Race Reports License allowing you to generate detailed reports from race data.
  • Club Regatta License provides full featured capabilities for clubs and regatta administrators.
  • Navigation Rally License automates the running of power boat Nav Rallies (also known as predicted log trials). With TackTracker, you can define the course, score the event and provide a compelling replay for the post-race event.


TackTracker offers tracking devices for both live and logged tracking. Please visit the TackTracker Shop for more information and pricing, or send us a request for quotation and we'll do our best to meet your needs.

Live Trackers

live tracker

Live Trackers transmit track location data to the TackTracker Cloud server every few seconds over the mobile phone network. The right live tracker must meet many criteria, including rugged, waterproof, short tracking interval, easy to use and very importantly - long battery life. You can use your smart-phone as a live tracker using the TackTracker app for iPhone or Android. Or you can use a dedicated live tracker, such as the Meitrack P99L.

Meitrack P99L Live Tracker

Logged Trackers (Loggers)

Logged trackers record to memory and the data is uploaded after the race session. They are simple, rugged, low-cost and accurate. Our recommended logger is the QStarz CR-Q1100P:

CR-Q1100P Logger