Club Regatta License

The Club Regatta license adds a powerful suite of features designed for the Club or Association using TackTracker to showcase and replay races.

Club Regatta features are available from the TackTracker application for PC and Mac (download here).

The Club Regatta license includes all Live Tracking, Logged Tracking and Race Reports features. In addition, features only available with a Club Regatta license are:

  • Enhanced Unattended Replay features such as the ability to select and play a selected set of races in turn.
  • Handicap Races: TackTracker calculates handicap placings and percent to win ranking throughout the course and gives both the scratch and handicap place. In addition, several race reports present corrected times and placings.
  • The competitor schedule helps you manage competitor details including handicap data for each competitor.
  • ORC integration allows you to retrieve ORC handicap data directly into TackTracker
  • Multiple Start Times. TackTracker lets you track multiple classes at once, if they share the same course.
  • Publish to a Regatta on the TackTracker Cloud.
  • Manage live races - postpone a race with message, delay a start for a general recall or simply start now, just with one-click.

Unattended Replay

Unattended replay is an important feature for clubs that wish to replay the day's racing on a big screen at the clubhouse.

TackTracker's Auto replay feature provides a compelling replay experience without any manual intervention required. Auto replay tracks the leading boats in the fleet and slows down for mark roundings and the start and finish.

With your Club Regatta license, you can also select multiple races for replay. In the Library tab, use the right click menu to select "Add to Autoplay list" for each race you want to replay.

Add to Autoplay menu selection

An orange circular icon will appear against the race. You can add as many races to the auto play list as you want. When done, start playing any race in Auto mode. When the race replay is finished, the next race on the auto play list is loaded and will begin playing. Over time, all races in the auto play list will be replayed in a continuous loop.

Handicap Races

TackTracker supports handicap racing by computing handicap adjusted times and places both during and at completion of a race. TackTracker supports three different handicap systems. (Refer to under Rating System for a detailed description of these scoring options. You do not need to be associated with the ORC. For example the IRC use a Time on Time handicap system.)

Time on Time or Time Correction (TCC)

The corrected time is computed by multiplying the actual time by a handicap constant - the TCC (Time Correction Constant).

Adjusted Time = Actual Time x TCC

Time on Distance (ToD) or BSF

The corrected time is computed by subtracting the expected time to cover the distance from the actual time.

Adjusted Time = Actual Time - Course Length (NM) x ToD

The handicap coefficient represents the time allowed for the given boat to travel 1 Nautical Mile (NM).

Performance Line

The corrected time is computed using both a time (PLT) and distance (PLD) coefficient.

Adjusted Time = Actual Time x PLT - Course Length (NM) x PLD

Triple Number

A Time on Time system that selects the TCC from three possible values (Low, Med and High) according to prevailing wind speed:

  • Low: Wind speed <= 9 Knots
  • Med: Wind speed > 9 knots and less than 14 knots
  • High: Wind speed >= 14 knots

Working with Handicap Data

You can choose the default handicap system TackTracker is to use in the Settings Dialog - Club Tools Tab. You can also choose the handicap system in use for any race in the Race Editor dialog.

If the competing boats are certified by the ORC, you can download handicap data directly from the ORC database. Just type or paste in the ORC Reference number for the boat and click "Get Data".

Handicap details can be edited individually for each competitor in the Race Editor - or in bulk using a Competitor Schedule which is available only with Club Regatta (PC Only). The Schedule is stored in CSV format and may also be edited by an spreadsheet program or imported from other systems.

Competitor Schedule

The Library tab right click menu also gains additional menu items for importing and exporting comptitor schedule data to and from a selected race:

Competitor Schedule menu selection

You can also upload the schedule to the TackTracker cloud to update live tracker details, including handicap data. You can update to the main tracker list, or to a selected scheduled live race. This feature is a great bonus for those working with large regattas, where a bulk update facility can save many hours of time.

Upload the schedule to the cloud

Handicap Results

When a race uses handicaps, the Select Tab will show a new Adjusted Place column showing the corrected time placing during the replay:

You can sort by scratch place or Adjusted place by clicking the desired column header. TackTracker can automatically maintain the competitor list sorted by place or adjusted place to create a Leader Board effect.

Check the "Sort Place" check box to sort automatically as you replay - to create a Leader board effect. Click the column header to select which column you wish to automatically sort.

Handicaps are also used in:

  • The Legs table which gets a new Adjusted Time column showing the adjusted times for each boat in the leg
  • Several Race Reports, including The "Handicap Leg Placings" and "Legs Summary" reports.race reports.

Multiple Start Times

You can define multiple start times for an event. For example:

  • You have several classes competing the same course, but with staggered starts. (If the classes sail different courses, you will need to define separate races.)
  • A Pursuit race, where boats start at different times as a handicap.

TackTracker automatically matches competitors to the closest available start time when they cross the line to sail the first leg of the course.

Publishing To a Regatta

TackTracker Cloud Regattas Tab

With a Club Regatta license you can create Regattas on the TackTracker Cloud and publish races to them.

The advantages of publishing to a Regatta are that all races for the regatta are grouped together, and you can include commentary and a picture to illustrate the event.

Regattas can be viewed by the public from, from any TackTracker Player or the TackTracker App for iPhone and iPad.

You can embed the Web player in your own web site. For example, you can publish the Race results and TackTracker races together so that competitors and friends can not only see the results but watch the replay!

Race Management Publishing Tools

Club Regatta license holders also see a "Publish" tab added to the Race Editor. This tab gives you fine-grained control over the publish process and makes it easy to re-publish your races with a minimum of clicks.

  • TackTracker remembers your Publish Wizard selections so they need not be re-entered and the race can be re-published with a single click.
  • You can start, delay and postpone your races with one-click. This is vital in the pressure of a live race event!

You can postpone races indefinitely and even provide an explanatory message to viewers, who otherwise may not know what is going on. You can update the message at any time as information becomes available. You can lift the postponement and start the replay at any time simply by re-publishing.

You can publish races in a "hidden" state to your home page or regatta. This helps with preparation for a big regatta by getting as much done in advance as possible.