Managing Live Trackers

The Live Tracker List is the place where you tell the TackTracker Cloud server about your trackers and assign a name and other attributes used by TackTracker when displaying the track. You will find this list in the Setup -> Trackers tab, or go directly to it at (you will need to be signed in).

Tracker List

The Enabled checkbox must be checked for trackers to be active and working. You may add as many trackers as you like, but you may only enable as many trackers as you have Tracker Rights. For example, if you have 5 tracker rights, you may enable 5 trackers at any one time.

Note! When adding a tracker a random Device ID is generated. You must change this to match the exact Device ID of your tracker.

A quick reference for the Tracker Fields:

EnabledCheckbox to enable or disable the tracker. Enabled when checked.
NicknameA short name used to identify the tracker - e.g. when scheduling the tracker for a race
Device IDThe unique identifier for the Tracker. Typically a 10 or 15 digit IMEI number
StateWhether the server is receiving location reports from the tracker, and how long ago the last report was received. Can also indicate if tracker battery is low. Note that the state does not update automatically - you will need to refresh the list to see the current state.
TypeA type indicating one of the supported Tracker types. Includes iPhone, iPad, JT600, GH3000, MT90, GT08 and GT09.
Friends OnlyWhen checked, tracks recorded to the cloud, but not to a race are accessible only to you or to people in your friends list. If your track is being recorded directly into a race, the visibility of the track is determined by the visibility of the race.
Track NameName of trackee as appears in the TackTracker Player
DetailsAdditional trackee details for the Select Tab in the TackTracker Player
ColorThe color of the track
CraftSelect the type of craft you want displayed.

You can sort the Nickname, Device ID and Track Name columns in the Tracker List table by clicking on the column heading. This is useful if you have many devices to manage in the list. You can also hide and show the active trackers by Clicking on the link next to the State column heading.

Users with a Club Regatta license can also update tracker details, including handicap data, by uploading the Competitor Schedule from the TackTracker Player.