Running Costs

To pay for live tracking on our system, TackTracker requires you buy a Tracker Right for each live tracker in use.

The number of Tracker Rights you have determines the number of live trackers you can use at once.

Tracker Rights must be renewed periodially and are most cost-effective when purchased annually.

  • Tracker Rights are needed only for live trackers (not loggers).
  • Tracker Rights are not tied to specific tracking devices, they determine the number of devices you may use at the one time.
  • Typically a club or tracking manager will purchase tracker rights as tracking is managed centrally. When using smartphones, it is also possible for each competitor to manage their own tracking, in which case they must purchase their own tracker right.

Purchasing Tracker Rights

Tracker Rights are associated with your TackTracker Cloud account.

  • To create an account, click here
  • To view and purchase your Tracker Rights, sign in and visit your Account page.

Tracker right prices vary according to the period (Days Valid) and quantity purchased:

Days ValidMin QtyPrice* (AUD)
Each live tracker3651$49.00
Each live tracker301$19.00
Each live tracker750$5.00
Each live tracker7100$4.00
*Price includes 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) when purchased in Australia