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Centenary Trophy - CA Version
Whalley Cup
RVMYC Regatta Cup
: Not the best weather for a navrally which makes Bold Ventures score of 17 even better given the conditions. Well done also to Sanuk who has improved greatly to come in for third place.
RVMYC Marconi Trophy
: The weather wasn't ideal today, lots of spray and a bit of rolling here and there. Regardless, seven boats started out to complete the Marconi navrally. Thank you to Tony and Andy for their sponsorship of this event.
RVMYC Williamstown Cup
: Great day for a navrally. Thank you to Darren Keast and Greg Miles for their sponsorship of this handicap event. Very nice to see a lot of boats involved and everyone enjoying themselves back in the club afterwards.
RVMYC Centenary Trophy
: Not a lot of competitors for this navrally but those who missed out missed out. The weather was perfect for boating on Port Phillip. A great effort by all. Great to see Narrabeen in the place getters.
RVMYC Not A Navrally
: Well done to everyone who competed in our time trial "Not A Navrally". This is a slightly different format than our traditional navrally and proved to be a great fun event. Well done to Janie and Ronnie, newcomers to these types of events and they won convincingly. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to the next one.
RVMYC Centenary Trophy
: The day turned out better than expected weather wise and some good results were posted. Bold Venture once again proved to be the best with a very respectable score. Casa Verde finally posted a good result after a hiatus for a few years. Rob Roy as always in the thick of it as well. Great to see Malahini competing for the first time in many years at RVMYC too.
RVMYC Marconi Trophy
: Very challenging at the start and finish due to yacht races. It even challenged the software but Tack Tracker fixed the problem straight away. Well done again to Bold Venture.
RVMYC Williamstown Cup
: Well done to Darren and Tracy for winning the RVMYC handicap event with a fantasitic score. Might have to look at that handicap next year!! Thank you to Darren and Greg for spnsoring this event.
: A good day on the water. The results were not as good as usual for most competitors probably due to the long period without any Nav Rallies. Congratulations again to Cameron & Will Simpson.
RVMYC Williamstown Cup
: Thanks to the sponsors for this navrally, Greg Miles and Darren Keast for their ongoing support. Good weather and great prizes. Well done to all who participated.
RVMYC Lonsdale Cup
: Beautiful conditions for the Lonsdale Cup yesterday. Thank you to the Navy League and our Navy guests. Well done to Cameron & Brigit in Bold Venture.
RVMYC Centenary Trophy
: A bit bumpy today and lots and lots of yachts to give way to. None of these obstacles stopped Bold Venture from returning a very respectable 36 points.
RVMYC Beginners Navrally
: Well done to the 15 boats who competed in the RVMYC beginners navrally. Congratulations to Marco and Riley in Allegria II on their win. Great to see everyone participating and having a good time and a laugh at the BBQ afterwards.
RVMYC Miss Australia Cup
: First event for the season and Bold Venture and High Tide have shown they will be the ones to beat. Well done to newcomer Westerley with a solid performance for their first time out. Casa Verde....Hmmm.
RVMYC Marconi Trophy
: Last club navrally for the season. Misty rain and a westerly breeze made for some challenging conditions. Let's all look forward to next season.
RVMYC Williamstown Cup
: Perfect day to be boating. No wind, lots of penguins, jellyfish and a few seals. Well done to all who competed in our handicap navrally and congratulations to the winners Mark and Kate on board Eventide.
RVMYC Whalley Cup
: The wind from the north meant the waves swere small and conditions were good for the running of the Whalley Cup. Some interesting results from a small field.
RVMYC Oslo Cup
: Perfect day for a navrally. Well done to all who competed.
RVMYC Lonsdale Cup
: Better conditions than we thought for the Lonsdale Cup navrally. Thanks to the Navy League and Navy for their support and participation. Well done to the HighTide crew for their convincing win.
Centenary Trophy
: Perfect day for a navrally and a good time was had by all who participated.
RVMYC Regatta
: Well done to all who entered the RVMYC Regatta. Respectable scores from all competitors with a number of challenges throughout the course.
Miss Australia 2018
: Conditions weren't too bad for the Miss Australia Navrally even with the 20kt northerly blowing. Good scores from all.
RVMYC Williamstown Cup 2018
: Great weather greeted the 10 crews that set out for the Williamstown Cup. This event is unique in that every crew is given a handicap based on past performance. The handicaps "did the job" and the results brought the improving crews to the fore. Kewarra won loosing only 60 points, with Eventide 2nd loosing 142 points and Finale got 3rd with 153 points lost. The All Girls crew came 6th in Narrabeen loosing only 167 points in their first event. All scores include penalties.
RVMYC Regatta 2018
: Good weather greeted the 9 contestants for the RVMYC Regatta. Some great results were achieved by all with the highest points (lost) score being only 257 after about 40 gates. Top result came down the usual two, High Tide and Bold Venture, with Bolt Venture coming first (23 points) and High Tide close behind at 26 points. Casa Verde came third at 36 points and the top 6 results being 52 or less. Most pleasing were the good scores returned by the newer contestant. Nobody missed any gates!
: Great weather and flat seas greeted the 12 contestants for this years MARCONI TROPHY. Some good results were achieved by most competitors, with some great results returned by the new competitors. This year High Tide won looding only 25 points, closely followed by Bold Venture at 29 points with third place going to Casa Verde on 35 points.
RVMYC Lonsdale Cup 2018
: Fortunately the windy weather expeienced during the preceeding week abated slightly, allowing the Lonsdale Cup to be run as schedule, The Navy and the Navy League were well represented for this historical event, with around 20 navy representatives eager to assist their allocated boat. Again, the result was fought out between Casa Verde, Bold Venture, and High Tide with Bob Battye winning followed by Cameron Simpson in second place, and Chris Ackerman getting third.
RVMYC Centenary Trophy 2017
: Excellent weather greeted the 17 contestants for the 2017 CENTENARY TROPHY Nav Rally. Most crews returned improved scores except those that reported the usual mishaps or thigs that went wrong. High Tide (Bob & Nola Battye) cane 3rd loosing only 37 points. Pookanah (Owen Smart) came in 2nd loosing 25 points, while bold Venture (Cameron Simpson) returned to winning form loosing only 20 points after passing through about 40 gates. The Sponsor (John Holland) was on hand to present the great trophies
Miss Australia Cup 2017
: Great weather greeted the 18 boats that set out to contest this first event for the boating season. As always, there were boats with tales of what went wrong. Many boats showed great improvements on last year's performances. The stand-out performance was from the first ever all girls crew on Maine Road (Anita Taylor & Angela Johnson) who came third with 59 points, followed in 2nd place by Ed Keane on Cool Change with 43 points, with Bob Battye & Tony Cessarello on Eventide winning loosing 36pts
: 11 serious crews set out in perfect weather conditions. The course was clear and only minimal obstructions occurred as a result of other vessels. The conditions produced some excellent results and sponsorsTony Willis & Andy Baker on hand to present the Marconi Trophy to the top three crews. Blue Tango came in 3rd loosing only 39 points, Pookanah came 2nd loosing 27 points, and Casa Verde won loosing only 22 points. Overall, a great result with all crews showing great skill improvements.
: The RVMYC WILLIAMSTOWN CUP is a handicap event so all contestants have an equal chance of winning. The sponsors were happy with the course. The handicapper took account of the results of each contestants for the past 3 years, with contestants being given handicaps ranging from 0 to 172. Seas were average and produced a wide spread of results. Narrabeen got 3rd place, Kewarra came 2nd, and Raphael won the event, with only 30 points seperating all three.
: Flat seas with a slight SE roll were expected to produce some excellent results, but these conditions were not represented in the results. All had a story of what went wrong! Bold Venture with 37 points won by 1 point from High Tide. Casa Verde came in 3rd, followed by Rojo from RGYC. The top 3 scores from each club saw RVMYC retain the OSLO CUP until next year.
RVMYC Lonsdale Cup
RVMYC Regatta 2017
: Excellent weather and a clear course gave expectations of some low scores. Cameron Simpson in Bold Venture did not dissapoint and returned a low 17 points score, after passing through 35 gates,to win. Bob Battye in High Tide came 2nd , loosing only 25 points. Most other contestants turned in improved scores and are looking forward to upcoming events.
RVMYC Miss Australia Trophy 2016
: The flags on the Westgate bridge were a good indication of the weather to be expected when rounding Breakwater Pier. All eight entrants had everything well stowed away before heading out of the Marina. Nobody wanted more stories of doors coming open, or about alcohol rolling around the deck. High Tide with Bob Battye at the helm returned to competition with full force, and turned in a score of only 18 points to win the event. Next, after a count-back, came Casa Verde and then Cool Change,
RVMYC Centenary Cup
: Rather lumpy seas greated the contestants as soon as they got past Breakwater Pier. These created some interesting conversations after the Nav Rally & over lunch.The RVMYC Commodore Chris Ackerman and wife/navigator Kylie on Casa Verde turned in a very creditable result considering the conditions, and took out first place. Pookanah came in second with some interesting crew stories, while Blue Tango came home third even after a course mix-up.
RVMYC Miss Australia Cup
: Ideal sunny conditions with no wind saw a field of 10 entrants contest the final Nav Rally of the season. Some low scores were handed in despite 30+ gates, with the top six contestants all loosing less than 60 points. High Tide lost 10 pionts, followed by Pookanah with 20 points, and Nereid from BMYS coming in at 40 points, followed by Casa Verde, Rob Roy, and Blue Tango.
RVMYC Whalley Cup
: Contestants enjoyed good conditions as the Whalley Cup was run in the lee of the land at Altona Bay, thus avoiding the forecast strong strong Northerly winds. A couple late withdrawals resulted in a smaller field, but that didn't reduce the competitive spirit. Again High Tide took out the honours followed by Pookanah and Casa Verde, with the balance of the field all showing good improvements.
RVMYC Williamstown Cup
: A small field set out in excellent conditions for the RVMYC Williamstown Handicap Nav Rally. Some competitors had handicaps near 170 points while others enjoyed no handicap. Congratulations to John & Fiona Zammit in Blue Tango, who have been impoving steady to finally record their first win. Casa Verde came in second with High Tide getting 3rd place.
RVMYC Lonsdale Cup
: Twelve competitors lined up in great weather to participate in the re-instigated Lonsdale Cup. The Lonsdale Cup is a piece of maritime histor, which was only conducted from 1947 to 1954 with annual prize money of 350 Pounds. A lot of history is attached to this event and is recommended reading for all. High Tide set the example loosing only 25 points, followed by Bold Venture and then Pookanah. About 20 Navy League persons and RVMYC members enjoyed a great luncheon and fine hospitality at RVMYC.
: Good weather and some keen boaters produced a good result. A "mishap" with Cameron Simpson's Tacktracker was disappointing for all competitors as all contestants like to see a fair result. There is nothing in the rules that covers this situation, so the race committee is deliberating on a fair outcome. Hence, the rally results are PROVISIONAL at this stage.
RVMYC Marconi Cup
: With great weather, thirteen entrants completed the 2015 Marconi Trophy Nav Rally. As expected with calm seas, some excellent results were put in. Again, High Tide could not be beaten, but was closely followed by Bold Venture and Pookanah. Nereid and Cool Change did well with Blue Tango showing steady improvement.
RVMYC Centetary Trophy
RVMYC Miss Australia Cup
: This year's Miss Australia Cup was run in the worst conditions most competitors have seen in recent times. Everything not secured ended up on the floor and there were a few queasy tummies. This didn't impact on the quality of competition and there were only a couple of points separating Casa Verde in first place and Bold Venture in second. Eventide, always up there, secured third place.
RVMYC Williamstown Cup
: A perfect morning for our handicap navrally event. Thanks to sponsors, Darren Keast and Greg Miles. Eventide still carrying on the tradition with first place, Casa Verde second and Pookanah back in the placings with third place.
RVMYC Regatta
: Ten dedicated competitors participated in this years RVMYC Regatta. Casa Verde with young Ben as navigator managed to keep on track well enough to edge out the Eventide crew to take first place. The Eventide crew continue to do well in their new boat by taking second place and Rob Roy put in a solid effort for third place. Well done to all who competed.
RVMYC Marconi Trophy
: Thirteen boats took part in this year's Marconi Trophy. Thanks to Tony Willis and Andy Baker for their generous sponsorship of the event. Bob Battye and the Eventide crew proved too good for the rest of the field with their excellent score of twenty seven.
RVMYC Centenary Trophy
: Great turnout for a day that wasn't ideal for a navrally. Congratulations to Pookanah on winning the first event of the season. Great to see Eventide carrying on the tradition and Bold Venture back in fine form for another season.
RVMYC Williamstown Cup Navrally
: This the inaugural Williamstown Cup Navrally was run a week later than was planned. This is RVMYC's first handicap navrally event. Thanks to the race sponsors Greg Miles and Darren Keast for their fantastic idea that has now come to fruition and promises to become one of our club's great events.
RVMYC Oslo Cup
: Great to see our interclub event between RVMYC and RGYC so well supported. Competitors were rewarded with great conditions and the top six places were shared between both clubs. Congratulation to RVMYC for winning the Oslo Cup back from RGYC.
SYC Whalley Cup
: Twenty entries! Excellent support for this, the 90th aniversary of this legendary navrally. Congratulations goes once again to Cameron Simpson in Bold Venture. Some very respectable scores from many of the entrants.
RVMYC Miss Australia
: Seventeen boats, all stayed on course very well and most had respectable scores. Well done to all and a big thanks to all those who helped with the fantastic lunch.
RVMYC Regatta
: A great turnout of 14 boats fo rthe RVMYC open event. Well done to Cameron Simpson and the crew of Bold Venture with an excellant score of 9 points.
: What a fantastic day for a navrally. Thanks to SYC for hosting a great event. A big field and lots of fun. Owen Smart the winner with 8 points! Congratulations to RVMYC on retaining the interclub CUB Cup.
RVMYC Marconi Trophy
: Negotiating past fishermen, rolling around in the swell, engines failing. What a great way to spend a Sunday competing in the Marconi Trophy.
RVMYC 2013 Centenary Trophy
: RVMYC Centenary Trophy was run in strong winds but all who entered enjoyed the day. Well done to the first three place getters with excellent scores considering the weather conditions.