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Nanaimo Yacht Club, CA

Jack and Jill Sunday
Jack and Jill Saturday
SIN Regatta Div 1&2
SIN Regatta Div 5&6
SIN Regatta Div 3&4
GIN Race 2016
: Gulf Islands - Nanaimo Race: Skippers' choice re route to Nanaimo
Day 5 Fall Series 3
Day 5 Fall Series 2
Day 5 Fall Series 1
Fall Series Race Day 4
Fall Series Race Day 3- 2
Fall Series Race Day 3-1
Day 2 Fall Series 2
Day 2 Fall Series 1
Day 1 Fall Series 2
Day 1 Fall Series 1
NYC Single Handed Champioship
: Light winds plagued the mixed fleet making it a slow run around the track for everyone, with only the multihulls managing to complete the full course. Fortunately the NYC Lounge was open to ease the pain.
2015 SIN Regatta Race 7 Divs 1&2
2015 SIN Regatta Race 3 Divs 3&4
Day and a Bit Race Sunday
: The Sunday return race leg had breeze at the start line...a nice change from past years when we have struggled to get away from Gibsons! It was a beat or close reach into the NW wind, and being much low of the rhumb line was a mistake as this later meant tacking to clear Entrance Island. Dream Chaser had another good crossing, but this time the other trimaran Mail Order Bride (F85SR) was hot on her heels finishing about 4 minutes later (and flying her main hull for some of the time!). ION was next in 3r
Day and a Bit Race Saturday
: The 2015 Day & A Bit race was held under fresh breeze (mostly) and sunny skies (again...mostly). Sixteen boats entered the race, however L'Aristo suffered headsail problems and retired before her start. Morningtide (Catalina 27) was the first boat away with a pursuit start time of 09:00, and she was passed by only one boat on the 20.6nm crossing to Gibsons! In fact the Saturday crossing showed less than usual "mixing-up" of the fleet, as the fresh breeze had most boats doing hull-speed+. T
SCYC Round Lasqueti Race
Round Saltspring Race
: C&C 115 Race within Round Saltspring Race
Day 3 Spring Series 3
Day 3 Spring Series 2
Day 3 Spring Series 1
Day 2 Spring Series 3
Day 2 Spring Series 2
Day 2 Spring Series 1
Day 1 Spring Series 3
Day 1 Spring Series 2
Day 1 Spring Series 1
Day 2 Winter Series 3
: Moderate winds: Start, Gallows, Finish at NYC Docks. L'Aristo scored DNF (withdrew from racing after starting)
Day 2 Winter Series 2
: Light winds: Start, Windward Mark, Shortened course to finish at Leeward Mark (P15).
Day 2 Winter Series 1
: Light winds: Start, Windward Mark, Finish. Ion was scored DNC.
Day 1 Winter Series 3
: The Windward/Leeward 2X around was shortened to "1 lap" creating confusion among some racers as to where to finish. The "Finish Line" is still be disputed as two boats went between the committe boat flying the S flag and the pin and the other 5 boats (1 not shown) chose to round the mark and return to the start line. Race results are pending the outcome of the Protest Committee's findings.
Day 1 Winter Series 2
: Flukey winds and a couple of freighters in the harbour made for an interesting regrouping at the finish.
Day 1 Winter Series 1
: Gusty winds on the first leg, causing several boats to round up, didn't hold for the rest of the race making for an anticlimactic finish.
NYC Fall Series 7
NYC Fall Series 6
NYC Fall Series 5
NYC Fall Series 4
NYC Fall Series 3
NYC Fall Series 2
NYC Fall Series 1
2014 Jack and Jill Race
: Although the Jack and Jill Race is 2 day race, light to no winds on Saturday resulted in no boats being able to finish before the time limit. Sunday was a different story as steady 10-13 kt winds in the middle of the Straits of Georgia were enough to allow everyone to finish despite light winds at both the start and finish. Lots of boat on boat battles throughout the fleet made it an exciting race for everyone.
NYC Single Handed Championship Race
: Better wind conditions than forecast made for a great day of racing.
SIN Div I Sunday Race 3
: Shortest course with flukey winds at the finish line made it interesting.
SIN Div II IV Sunday Races 8
: Leeward Gate gave racers options for heading back upwind.
SIN Div V Saturday Race 2
: Div V was sent on a scenic tour around the race course.
SIN Div III Saturday Race 1
: Watch Rhumb Line at the first mark A. Slows the boat down a bit when you hook the mark line.
Day and a Bit Sunday
: Day 2 in the Nanaimo Yacht Club's Day and a Bit Race was a light wind battle with the added problem of one less hour to complete the course. In the end only the 2 multihulls were able to complete the course which fueled the conspiracy theories in the clubhouse after the race.
Day and a Bit Saturday
: Nanaimo Yacht Club's Day and a Bit Race is a 2 day affair with an overnight stop in Gibson's Landing. Light winds on Saturday saw only 4 boats able to make it to the finish line prior to the time limit.
SCYC Lasquit Race
Thetis Island Regatta
: Nanaimo Yacht Club Trackers were run on 26 boats in the 2014 Thetis Island Regatta. The slowest rated boats were first to start with subsequent divisions following every 5 minutes.
NYC Spring Series 13
NYC Spring Series 12
NYC Spring Series 11
NYC Spring Series 10
NYC Spring Series 9
NYC Spring Series 8
NYC Spring Series 7
: Race 2: Windward, Gallows, Finish
NYC Spring Series 6
: Race 1: shorted course at Five Fingers Island
NYC Spring Series 5
NYC Spring Series 4
NYC Spring Series 3
NYC Spring Series 2
NYC Spring Series 1
NYC Winter Series 9
NYC Winter Series 8
: The third and last race of the day was a downwind start to a wing mark that greatly favored the port start. Tantivy II rounded the wing mark first under white sails before gybing and launching their spinnaker as opposed to the rest of the fleet that opted for the safer starboard start under spinnaker. The race course had consistent but light winds until the 'eeward side of Protection Island. Once through a small hole the wind was of a consistent strength but highly shifty to the finish at the NYC docks.
NYC Winter Series 7
: The second race ran North to windward mark close to Clark Rock and the back to a leeward mark near the north end of Newcastle Island. Again the wind shifted, this time back from the west, causing the race to become more of a reaching contest.
NYC Winter Series 6
: The first race was started in a light west wind out and around Five Finger Island and back to the start line. With winds getting lighter the boats gathered close to Five Finger resulting in a protest between between Runaway Girl and CuNaMara. A light wind filled with a major shift to the North. The protest meeting results are not available at the time of publication.
NYC Winter Series 5
NYC Winter Series 4
NYC Winter Series 3
NYC Winter Series 2
: The second race of the day, and of 2014, fortunately had enough wind to finish everyone at the NYC docks in time to still enjoy the afternoon sunshine.
NYC Winter Series 1
: Light winds and a 180 wind shift made it an interesting first race in 2014. Windward/windward is always fun!
Jack & Jill Race Sunday
: Day 2 of the Jack and Jill Race was a different story from Saturday although unfortunately not an unfamiliar one as light winds at Gibson's had everyone battling the clock from the start. Boats to the north got the slowly building wind first and we among the first to get within sight of the finish line just as the time limit was reached. Despite the fact that only the Multi 23 was able to finish the race smiles were on everyones' faces in the clubhouse, especially with "free" beer being served.
Jack & Jill Race Saturday
: Plenty of wind all the way across had everyone going full throttle. Kudos to those that were able to catch a boat ahead and pass them. It was a race everyone who participated will remember fondly, regardless of where they placed.
Day & A Bit Sunday
: Well rested and with a forecast for 20 kts the crews once again hoped for a quick passage back to Nanaimo on the "A Bit" part of the weekend race. Forecasts however should be regarded as just a guideline as light winds plagued the middle of the Straits, almost causing several boats to pull the plug and motor home. Fortunately the winds built in time for a lively finish back at the Nanaimo Yacht Club docks.
Day & A Bit Saturday
: NYC's Day & A Bit is a pursuit race run over 2 days. On Saturday 15 boats headed over to Gibson's Landing where the crews wined and dined in preparation for the return trip on Sunday. Early on windy conditions had everyone hoping for a quick passage but in the middle of the Straits the winds lightened before picking back up close to the finish line.
Melges 24 SIN Sunday Race 5
Melges 24 SIN Sunday Race 4
Melges 24 SIN Sunday Race 3
Melges 24 SIN Sunday Race 2
Melges 24 SIN Sunday Race 1
Melges 24 SIN Saturday Race 5
Melges 24 SIN Saturday Race 4
Melges 24 SIN Saturday Race 3
Melges 24 SIN Saturday Race 2
Melges 24 SIN Saturday Race 1
2013 Thetis Regatta
: The Thetis Island Regatta hosted by Ladysmith Yacht Club had NYC boats participating in each of the 5 divisions this year, with many of them taking away some of the hardware this weekend. The slower rated boats in Div 1 started first at 10:30 with subsequent division starts every 5 minutes. Light winds on the first and last legs made it challenging at times but didn't deter from the great time had by all.
Spring Series Final Race 3
: Div 1 and 2 sailed the same course. Finish at the Nanaimo Yacht Club to end the Spring Series.
Spring Series Final Race 2B
: Div 2 2nd Race of the day.
Spring Series Final Race 2A
: Div 1 2nd Race of the day.
Spring Series Final Race 1
: Divs 1 and 2 sailed the same course. Div 1 was able to start their second race while Div 2 was still finishing.
Day 4 Spring Series Race 3
Day 4 Spring Series Race 1
Day 3 Spring Series Race 2
Day 3 Spring Series Race 1
Spring Series 2.2
Spring Series 2.1
Spring A 2
: The second race of the day had the fleet reach out to Snake Island Bell Buoy before heading back to finish in the harbour off of the NYC docks (yeah!)
Spring A 1
: Great start to the Spring Series with sunshine and wind. It was a crowded start with everyone wanting the outside end of the line.
Winter 5.1 A 2
: The second race today used the freighters anchored outside of Newcastle and Protection island as the marks of the course which would make you think boats wouldn't want to cut it too close to the mark….!?
Winter 5.1 A 1
: Plenty of wind and sunny skies rewarded the sailors who showed up for the final race day in the NYC Winter Series. The first division managed to get 2 races in without any serious damage to crew of boats. Great way to head off into the the Spring Series which starts in 2 weeks.
Winter 4.3
: A Fleet 3rd race of the day
Winter 4.2
: A fleet 2nd race of the day
Winter 4 Combined Races Fleets
: 3 starts for 2 fleets racing in 5 different races. The starts were at 10:30, 11:35, and 13:10. A gate 1-1 was used as the start line for the races starting after 10:30. As you will see the B Fleet had a different course in their 2nd and 3rd races which made for similar finishing times but more interestingly a contrary mark rounding at Five Fingers in the 2nd Race. No sailors were harmed in the making of these races! Enjoy
February 4S Race
: Light winds continue to dominate NYC Winter Racing. Today's initial plan to start at Gallows was abandoned after the second pass of the Gabriola ferry through the stalled fleet. The boats moved out to Snake Island Bell Buoy where they were greeted with 5 kts SE wind. At 12:20 the boats were off in a Pursuit Race to Entrance Island and back. Cu na Mara led the fleet upwind but Dragonfly led the fleet when it counted back to finish first.
Winter 3.2
: Second race of the day in light winds. This time conventional upwind start to Gallows Point and then a spinnaker run in the harbour to finish off the Nanaimo Yacht Club
Winter 3.1
: Light winds prevail but RC was able to get in a "quick" race. Downwind start to P15 and back
Winter Series 2.2
: Light winds prompted the RC to set a course directly back from the Race Area to the Nanaimo Yacht Club docks. Fortunately the sun came out for the last leg, making a painfully slow leg a little more enjoyable.
Winter Series 2.1
: Winds of 4-5 knots made a short course a long race.
4S January 2013
: Four boats battled light winds in the first 4S Race of 2013. A Pursuit Race format was chosen but unfortuntanely the race was abandoned on the way back to the finish due to diminishing winds, sunlight and temperatures. Still a great day on the water.
NYC 2013 Winter Series Day 1
: A great start to Nanaimo Yacht Club 2013 Racing Schedule
December 4S Race
: Nanaimo Yacht Club Single Handed Pursuit Race: Unfortunately Runaway Girl's GPS didn't record her winning track. Also still some problems with Cu na Mara's GPS jumping around a bit at the start.
NYC Fall Series 5-2
: GPS unit for Cu na Mara was obviously acting up although some of the erratic course was true.
NYC Fall Series 5-1
: Light to medium winds with strong river current, especially at the first mark
NYC Fall Series 4
: The weather forecast scared away all but 3 hardy skippers and their crews. It turned out to be a great day for racing.
November 4S Race
: Single Handed Race Series. Boomerang format: Group start, when the lead boat gets to half way point the "Boomerang" call is made on the VHF and everyone heads back to the finish line. First one back wins, no math required despite BIG rating spread.
NYC Fall Series 3
: Sunday Club Racing
Gyro Cup 2012
: Scramble Race. 4 marks in the corners. Skippers' choice as to mark rounding order and direction. No complaining to RC about the course.
Jack & Jill Race 2012
: Day 2 Pursuit Race Gibson's Landing to Nanaimo. No boats were able to finish.