Track your racing and get a season's insights in one day

GPS tracking shows what actually happened on the water - to you and your competitors.

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With thousands of boat races tracked on the TackTracker Cloud, TackTracker and its partners worldwide have the solutions and experience you need to do tracking right.

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Want tracking provided at your upcoming event?

GPS tracking is a great way to make your event special. Engage family, friends and spectators with a live display at the clubhouse and on the internet. You can bring viewers to your site for the benefit of sponsors by embedding the TackTracker web player on your results page. Promote your club by embedding your logo in the TackTracker replay.

With TackTracker all competitors complete the regatta with more than just memories - TackTracker's analysis of their performance vs. the best in the fleet helps everyone improve.

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Want a tracking system for Sailboat Racing?

TackTracker sells complete GPS tracking systems for clubs, coaches and individuals that you can run yourself.

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Are you into power boats and want more fun?

Motor boat clubs around Australia have embraced the sport of Navigation Rallies - made practical by TackTracker.

A Navigation Rally is a test of charting and boat handling skills as well as being great fun for competitors.

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Want to track something else?

TackTracker can be used for all kinds of outdoor sports. Let us know what you have planned and we will do our best to help you.

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