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Festival of Sails

Live Tracking with your Phone

Instructions for Festival of Sails Competitors

You are invited to join in the live tracking at the Festival of Sails. Each competing boat will need one smartphone set up to track their race. If you have several smartphones on board, decide up front which one to use. Get the setup done and out of the way now. Then, on the race day, all you will need to do is to turn tracking on.

Get your phone ready for tracking

Get your phone ready for tracking now following these steps:

  1. Create your TackTracker Cloud Account

    You need a TackTracker Cloud account. Go to to create your account.

  2. Install the TackTracker App on your Phone

    TackTracker has apps for both iOS and Android devices. Search the App Store or Google Play Store for "TackTracker":

    Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

  3. Set your Phone up for Tracking recorder edit screen
    • Start the TackTracker app. If on iOS, touch the "Live Record" tab.
    • Switch ON (touch the slider switch at the top left corner of the app)
    • If this is the first time you are using the app, you will need to sign in to your TackTracker Cloud account
    • Provide information about your track:
          Boat name (This appears on the screen, so abbreviate if too long)
          Class of boat and name of skipper. E.g. "S38 Brian Jones"
          Track Color used in the TackTracker Player. You can leave as is.
          Select LargeMono

      Check the box Someone else will manage my tracks. This is important!

      Click Next...

    • Delegate your tracks to: fos2017
    • Click Next...

    • You are Ready to Start. Switch Tracking off for now by turning off the slider switch.
Your phone is now ready for tracking. Be sure to charge it prior to your race session and, as GPS tracking can increase the load on your battery, take a power pack with you.

Tracking your Race Session

Turn on tracking well before your race start. Don't wait to the last minute - you will forget in the hectic final moments.

To turn on tracking:

  1. Start the TackTracker app. If on iOS, touch the "Live Record" tab.
  2. Switch ON
  3. Touch Start

To turn off tracking

  1. Return to the TackTracker app
  2. Switch OFF

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