TackTracker Live Recorder App for Android

The TackTracker App for Android has recently been completely re-developed and now performs well on most modern Android phones. If you installed it some time ago we recommend you upgrade to the latest version.

Record your racing live to the TackTracker Cloud!

The TackTracker Recorder App for Android turns your phone or tablet into a live tracker, able to record your tracks live to the TackTracker cloud for live viewing or later download into the TackTracker player for review.

The TackTracker Recorder App is available free on the Google Play Store. A Tracker Right is needed to connect the recorder to the TackTracker Server and an 18 day free trial is available.

With a single switch, turn the recorder on and off to record your race to the TackTracker Cloud. A simple dialog guides you through the setup, which you can manage yourself, or delegate to a race organizer. You can also create and publish an instant race so that others can watch your event without any prior setup.

Record your track live to the TackTracker Cloud server. If participating in a live race your can specify the race to add your track. Or you can create an "instant" ad-hoc race for use immediately. The race can be later refined with course and marks added in the TackTracker Player on your PC or Mac. Otherwise, your track is visible live in the "My Trackers" display for another TackTracker player logged into your cloud account or logged in as a friend. Even if your track is not watched live, you can always download it later into the TackTracker Player on your PC and Mac (using the Get function in the TrackLoader).

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