TackTracker App for iPhone and iPad

With the TackTracker App for iPhone and iPad, you can follow the racing wherever you are. You can watch any race published to the TackTracker Cloud whether a Regatta or Home Page.

The TackTracker App's live record feature turns your iPhone or iPad into a live tracker, able to record your tracks live to the TackTracker cloud for live viewing or later download into the TackTracker player for review.

The TackTracker App is available free from the Apple App Store.

TackTracker App on iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad Apps have the same features and work the same way - the main difference being the larger map area on the iPad. The starting point is the tab-bar at the bottom of the screen:

iPhone main tabs

Regattas Tab

List, search and watch races from any regatta published to the TackTracker Cloud at tacktracker.com/cloud/regattas.

Home Pages

List latest races published to any home page and view and play races from your home page or others. Sign in to see races published privately as "friends only".

This tab has four sub-buttons:

home page buttons

Race Player

race player

The iPhone race player is built using the same player engine as the full-featured player for the Mac. You can pan by dragging the image across the screen, and use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out. Turn tracking on to lock the current boat in the center of the screen. Use the ruler to measure distances and angles between any two points on the map.

Select the current boat by touching the "person" icon. You will see all competitors listed. From the competitor list, you can also view stats for any selected competitors and even compare any two competitors. (Select one competitor and touch the blue action button for another competitor).

My Trackers

View the location of any of your live trackers on the map. You will also see any other trackers that are currently in the vicinity and visible to you. Use this feature for "instant live tracking" of your kids or students out on the water.

Tracker List

Touch a round action button to see your tracker and others nearby in the race player.

Live Record

Turn on Live Record to make your iPhone a live tracker, recording live to the TackTracker Cloud server. A Tracker Right is needed to connect the recorder to the TackTracker Server and an 18 day free trial is available.

You can manage the recording yourself and specify which race(s) to record to. If needed you can create and publish an adhoc race on the fly. Or you can simply delegate management of your track to a race administrator.

Even if your track is not watched live, you can always download it later into the TackTracker Player on your PC and Mac (using the Get function in the TrackLoader).

During live record you can see a dashboard showing your current location, speed and bearing. You can also see the track you are creating on the map.

Recorder Dashboard

Read more about the Live Record feature.