Getting started with your MT90G Live Tracker

This guide will help you get started with your MT90G live tracker. Please follow the steps carefully.

Meitrack MT90 and MT90G

Step 1: Getting Ready

Your MT90G is shipped with:

  • A TackTracker waterproof pouch. This must be used if taking the device out on the water.
  • A charging and configuration USB cable
  • An AC power plug. (You may use any USB charger, a multi-port charger is recommended if you have several trackers.)

It is your responsibility to provide a charged and activated micro SIM card

You will also need a Windows PC for the once-off configuration of the tracker. We recommend Windows 7. If you have Windows 8, some additional steps may be needed.

SIM Card

You must purchase a micro SIM card and 3G data plan for each tracker. Look for a long duration plan such as a 365 day pre-paid plan. Live tracking does not use much data - roughly 1MB every 7 hours of use. For example, in Australia, a Vodafone $2 SIM plus $10 of credit on the 365 day pay as you go plan should last you a full year.

You will need to find out your Telecommunication vendor's Access Point Name (APN). For example the APN for vodafone in Australia is "". Here is a list of Australian APN's:

You must also activate the SIM before it can be used with your tracker. Get this done at the store, or use a spare mobile phone to activate the SIM.

To insert your SIM:

  1. Unscrew the battery cover on the rear of the device and remove the battery
  2. Slide the SIM cover back and open. Place the SIM in the holder and slide the cover forward to lock into position. Note there is also a provision for a micro SD card - we do not use this.
  3. Replace the battery and cover.

After the SIM is inserted, you may turn your tracker on and off by holding down the power button on the left side of the device. Watch the LED's and listen for the beep.

Charging the Tracker

Open the rubber port cover and insert the supplied USB cable into the port on the side of the MT90G. Charge the device by plugging the cable into a live USB port on a PC, or a USB charger. Allow five hours for your first full charge.

Your battery should give at least 6 hours of continuous operation. You must recharge the unit before each daily session.

Step 2: Create a TackTracker Cloud Account (and get your Tracker Right!)

Your tracker saves all it's data in the TackTracker cloud server. You must create an account on the TackTracker cloud to view and download this data.

Visit to create your free account.

Creating an account is free, however a tracker right is needed for the TackTracker server to accept your data.

We will provide you with 1 tracker right (valid for a year) for each MT90G you purchase. To obtain this right, you must contact TackTracker Support and let us know the name of the TackTracker Cloud account that you have created.

Step 3: Tracker Configuration

You must configure your tracker before first use. Some computer experience is needed for this task. Configuration is required to tell the tracker how to talk to the TackTracker server, and how often to send position updates. You will need a Windows PC to perform these steps.

  • Download the Meitrack Manager configuration software from Extract the files into a folder in your Desktop
  • Install the USB driver by double clicking on "PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v130.exe"
  • Install the Meitrack Manager program in the Meitrack Manager folder by double clicking on MMSetup.msi
  • Connect your MT90G to your computer with the supplied USB cable. Ensure the SIM is installed and the tracker switched on.
  • Start the Meitrack Manager Program from the Start Menu. You may need to right click and select "Run as Administrator" for the device to connect.
  • Configure the settings in the Tracking tab and click Write.
  • Note the IMEI value on the Device tab. This is your Device ID
  • Close the Program

Values to set

Meitrack Manager Tracking Tab
IP Address35.197.10.251
APNDepends on the network
GPRS Timezone0
GPRS ModeMode0
GPRS Time Interval3 (For 3 second update interval - available when using modified firmware supplied by TackTracker)
If you notice your MT90 is beeping constantly, go to the Device tab and click "Restore Factory Settings". Wait for the device to reboot and re-enter the details above.

Step 4: Register your Tracker on the Cloud

Tracker List

With your tracker configured and switched on, you are ready to test it out!

To do this, you must register your tracker on your TackTracker Cloud account.

You must add an entry here for each of your live trackers.

Click the "Add Tracker" button to add a tracker entry and edit the values. Please take care - it is very important to get the following information correct:

  • The Type must be "Meitrack MT90"
  • The Device ID specified must exactly match the IMEI number printed on the back of your tracker (in the battery compartment) and in the Device tab of the Meitrack Manager. This number is used to identify the messages coming from your tracker.

Set the other values to whatever you wish. Note that:

  • The "Track Name" is displayed on the live map to identify the tracker
  • The Craft is used to specify the icon shown to represent the tracker.

More information about the Tracker List fields is available here.

Moment of Truth

With your Tracker added to the list, and switched on, tick the Enable checkbox to enable your tracker. You may enable as many trackers as you have tracker rights.

Watch the Tracker status. If all is functioning, the Status box will change from inactive to red or green. This confirms that your tracker is communicating with the server. When the status turns green - you are up and running!

If your device does not come active, try these trouble-shooting hints:
  • Check you have ticked the Enabled checkbox
  • Verify the SIM is activated, has credit and is installed in the device

Re-connect the Meitrack Manager and double check your settings:

  • Check the Device ID you entered exactly matches the ID shown in the Meitrack Manager Device tab.
  • In the Meitrack Manager Tracking tab, check GPRS is set to TCP. Also check for mistakes in typing the IP address and Port.

Note that the status may remain red (No Fix) if your tracker is inside - it needs to be outdoors for a reliable satellite connection.

To view the live position of your tracker, return from the Setup page and go to your "Trackers" page to view your tracker in the TackTracker Web Player.

Click the "Go Live" button and the TackTracker player will show the position of your tracker in real time.

Step 5: Download and view your history

You can use the Trackers tab in the TackTracker Cloud or download the TackTracker application from for a richer experience.

The Tracker tab shows live data only. However the TackTracker server stores all your track data. To access your stored tracks, you need the TackTracker application. Using the Track Loader, you can download tracks from any specified period (using the "Get" button) and replay them on the map.

Track Loader

You can select multiple tracks at once in the Track loader and play them simultaneously.

If you are using TackTracker for sailing, you will want to use the Race Editor to create races. Please refer to the videos and other information available from the TackTracker Support page.