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I've recorded a live track. Where can I find it?

Don't worry - as long as your tracker is enabled in your Tracker List, any tracks recorded are saved. So you can just turn on your tracker and go sailing.

To see your track using the Cloud Race manager

To see a track in the cloud player, you must create a race. Go to your race management console (Login and click the Setup button at the top of the TackTracker Cloud page.)

You can create the race at any time, before or even after your race session.

  • Create the race - take care to specify the correct start time and duration
  • Add your tracker to the race. (Click the Trackers button and select your tracker)
  • If you created the race after tracking, click the "Get Tracks" button to load your track into the race
Using the Desktop Player (Logged Tracking or Club Regatta license needed)

You can also retrieve any track you have recorded live into the TackTracker player for PC or Mac via the Track Loader. Use the Track Loader's Get button to bring up a track search wizard. Specify the date, time period and location for the tracks you wish to download from the cloud.

You can also use this Get feature to retrieve other people's tracks that you have been given access to.