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How do I load tracks from a Velocitek ProStart or SpeedPuck into TackTracker?

20 Feb 2020

Velocitek trackers, such as the ProStart and SpeedPuck are popular with many sailors. The good news is that you can use your Velocitek with TackTracker.

For best results, you should have a Logged Tracking License.

Velocitek can export tracks to GPX format, a standard format for GPS data files. By default it saves files to own proprietary VCC format. TackTracker can read VCC files directly - and this is an advantage, because TackTracker can use the track name provided, saving you from having to re-key this data.

To load Velocitek data into TackTracker:

Export your Velocitek data as VCC
  1. Launch the Velocitek Control Center software, which comes with your Velocitek device. You can also download it from the Velocitek site.
  2. Connect your device and select the tracks for export
  3. Save your tracks as VCC files
Import the VCC files into the TackTracker Desktop Player (With Track Loader or Club Regatta License)

Import your tracks into the Track Loader:

  1. Launch TackTracker for Windows or Mac and click "Track Loader"
  2. Click "Load Tracks from File". This will show the Open File dialog. Select your VCC files saved earlier and click OK

Once you have the tracks in your Track Loader, you can use them to create a race, upload them to the cloud, or just view them directly.

View a VCC file in the TackTracker Desktop Player (No license)

If you don't have a Logged Tracking License, you can still load one VCC file at a time with the "Load File" button.