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I recorded a race session as a single live race - how do I now split into individual races?

With back-back racing you sometimes won't know in advance the start times and course for each race or even how many races will be run. In this situation, its a good idea to record a single live race for the entire race session.

Afterwards, you will want to split this single race into individual races sailed.

In the Cloud Race Management Console
Go to your race management console (Login and click the Setup button at the top of the TackTracker Cloud page.)
  • Create a new race for the first race session. Specify the correct start time and duration (span).
  • In the Trackers tab, use the Import button to copy in the schedule from the race session.
  • In the Trackers tab, click "Get Tracks" to populate the race with tracks
  • Copy this Race 1 to Race 2, adjust the start time and duration and use Get Tracks to populate the tracks.
  • Repeat for any additional races.