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How do I use trackers on marks?

One of TackTracker's powerful features is the ability to track the location of race marks with trackers. You can do this with both live and logged trackers - but of course you will need to use live trackers for a live race.

To track a mark:

  • Add the mark to your race course definition in the Race Editor. Lay it's approximate position on the map.
  • Assign a name to the tracker exactly matching the name of the mark. So, for example, if your mark's name is 'A', then your tracker should be named 'A' also. (This is the track name, not the tracker's nickname.)

TackTracker uses pre-assigned names for the start and finish line marks. They are:

Start Line:StartBoatStartPin
Finish Line:FinishBoatFinishPin

So to track the start line, for example, you need two trackers, one called "StartBoat" and one called "StartPin".